Revenge chapter 3-5

Chapter 3


Xander looked around, the closet wasn’t a closet it was actually another room.  He turned around and saw a clown standing behind him.


“Shit.” Xander cursed


The clown brought out a knife. Xander spun around back to the door and started pounding on it.


“Help me get me out of here!” He yelled.


The brown haired boy turned around to face the clown just as the scary clown brought the knife down cutting Xander’s chest. Xander yelped in pain just then the door flew open and a hand came though grabbing Xander and pulling him back into the original room. He fell on the floor just as the clown came though the door. Xander spotted a chair jumped up and broke a leg off of it, then slammed the piece of wood though the clown’s heart. The clown disappeared into thin air. Xander turned to his friends as Cordy ran to him wrapping her arms around him.


“Xander you’re hurt.” Willow said taking off her sweater and ripping a long piece of and tying it around her friends’ chest tightly.


“Ok I don’t want no more clowns.” Xander said hugging his girlfriend.


“Let’s try this door.” Angel said as he walked though the door.


They saw a fridge and Cordy walked over and opened it.


“There’s food and blood in here.” She stated as she brought them out.


“Think it is safe?” Willow asked.


Angel sniffed them. “Yeah they are ok.”


They sat and started to eat.


“Who do you think is doing this?” Xander asked


“Faith?” Willow questioned.


“No Faith is still in jail.” Cordy answered


“Who else do we all know?” Willow asked taking a bite out of an apple. She thought about it for a minute then something came to her. She started to cough and choke on the apple piece. Xander patted her back until she was able to get it down. She looked at her friends. “Buffy.”


“Why would she do this?” Xander asked confused.


“I don’t know, but who else do we all know? And the last time we saw her she was kind of off her rocker remember?” Willow asked


“Yeah she was more self centered.” Cordy stated


“Oh take that back please.” Willow said gripping her head.


“I take it back. I’m sorry!” Cordy said quickly.


“I think we have our answer as to who is doing this.” Angel said sadly


“But why? And why is she taking everything out on Willow?” Xander asked


“She said something about Willow taking everything away from her.” Cordy said


“But I didn’t take anything from her. Hell I helped her.” Willow stated.


“Yeah I know we all helped her with slaying and everything.” Xander replied.


“That’s not what I meant.” Willow said


“What do you mean?” Angel asked curiously


“What? Oh nothing forget it.” Willow said and stood. “Cordy come take a walk with me over there.”


“Ok.” Cordy kissed Xander then followed the redhead to the other side of the room. “So what’s up? What did you help Buffy with?” the brunette girl whispered


“Remember how Buffy came back after that summer?” Willow waited till Cordy nodded. “well she was so heart broken about Angel and she asked me if I could bring him back and anchor his soul. After a lot of research I found both spells and did it. Buffy told you guys I went to visit some friends for a week, but I wasn’t I was in the hospital because it took so much out of me. After Buffy realized Angel wasn’t the same as he was before he went to hell she didn’t want anything to do with him.” The redhead finished


“What?!” Cordy yelled


“Shh.” Willow said covering her friends’ mouth. They looked over at the guys who were watching them both girls smiled at them.


“I can’t believe she did that. Willow, Angel doesn’t know about his soul.” Cordy informed


“What? How can he not know?” Willow questioned


“Buffy never told him.” Cordy answered.


“Bitch.” Willow hissed then dropped to the floor groaning in pain. “Buffy stop it.” the pain subsided.’


“You ok?” Cordy asked


“yeah but I don’t understand how she is doing this.” Willow replied wiping the tears away.


Willow you have to tell Angel it’s been over two years.” Cordy said helping up her friend.


“I know. Come on.” Willow said as they made their way back over to the guys.


“Angel.” Willow said


“Yeah?” Angel asked looking up at her.


“I have to tell you something you should have known a long time ago.” The redhead started. She could feel the pain starting in her stomach. “Buffy I am telling him!” she groaned. “Angel I brought you back from hell after Buffy came back and asked me to anchor your soul. You can never lose it.” tears were steaming down her face.


“Buffy stop!” Xander shouted


“Buffy knew?” Angel asked standing up and started to rub her head. The pain came worse.


“Yes, Buffy! Come out here and talk to me God damn it!” Willow yelled


Suddenly Willow disappeared.


Chapter 4


Willow!” Angel yelled


“Oh my god what if Buffy did something to her.” Cordy cried.


“We are going to find her and Giles then we are going to get the hell out of here.” Xander said holding Cordy close afraid he might lose her.


Somewhere else in the house Willow slowly woke. She looked around the room and spotted Giles tide to a chair.


“Giles. Oh its going to be ok we are going to get you out of here.” Willow said and started to untie him. “It Buffy, Giles she has lost it.”


“I know Willow you have to find the others and get out of here.” Giles said he was beaten badly.


“I am not leaving you.” Willow said


Before she could finish untying her friend she was thrown across the room. She looked up and saw Buffy.


“Buffy why are you doing this to us?” Willow asked, “Where did you learn magic?”


“I didn’t I have a friend. I think you know her.” Buffy said then Amy walked out of the shadows.


“Amy?” Willow asked confused, “why are you doing this?”


“Because you always thought you were better then me. You got better grades and you were a better wicca.” Amy answered.


“Buffy what did I ever do to you? You said I stole everything from you.” Willow said


“Angel. You stole him from me, and Xander he was always right there for you it didn’t matter what I wanted.” Buffy answered.


“I didn’t steal Angel from you. You left him when he needed you the most. I helped him because he is my friend. I brought him back from hell for you. I anchored his soul for you. I almost died.” Willow stated and heard Giles gasp. “Xander didn’t do anything he didn’t want to. You only thought of yourself. You left us to do your job, because of you Oz died. What does Giles and Cordy have to do with this?”


“They care about you and you care about them. Giles always listened to everything you had to say. He never listened to me when I had an idea, and well Cordy she is just a waste of space I have always hated her.” Buffy replied


“Giles listened to me because I thought before I talked. You never did, you never had the brains to think, and Cordy is a hundred times smarter then you will ever be.” Willow declaired.


“Shut up!” Buffy screamed


“Buffy let them go. I will stay and you can do whatever you want to me.” Willow said


“Willow no.” Giles replied


“Yeah what fun would that be?” Buffy questioned before walking over to Giles and punching him in the face.


“Bitch!” Willow yelled and jumped on the slayer knocking her way from Giles, “Don’t touch him again.” The redhead started to punch the blonde. Buffy threw her off and started beating her.


“Buffy stop!” Giles yelled.


Buffy stopped her abuse on the witch. Willow tried getting up but had no luck. The blonde nodded to Amy and all of a sudden Willow was in a different room lying on the floor.


Chapter 5


Willow?” Cordy cried.


Angel and Xander came running in from another room.


“I found Giles.” Willow said weakly, “Amy is helping Buffy. Giles is beaten up pretty bad.”


“Yeah Wills I think she beat you up pretty good too.” Xander said as he and Angel helped her up.


“What did Buffy say?” Angel asked


Willow went on to tell her friends everything that had been said.


“After all that was said and done I was sent back here. But I think I know where were they are. It is some kind of cellar.” Willow informed them  


“Let’s go and get Giles and get the hell out of here.” Xander said


“Do you really think I am going to let you go?” Buffy asked


“Buffy let them go I will stay.” Willow said again.


“No we all stay together.” Angel said and held her close


“Aww isn’t that sweet the love birds want to die together.” Buffy replied


“Love birds? Angel and I aren’t together.” Willow said puzzled


“But you love each other, which means you stole him from me.” Buffy accused


“You love me?” Angel asked looking at the redhead.


“Yes. You love me?” Willow asked


“Yes I have for a long time.” Angel said and pulled her in kissing her passionately. Cordy and Xander smiled.


“Enough! You are all going to die.” Buffy announced


“Buffy I challenge you to a fight to the death.” Angel said


“Yeah right you couldn’t kill me before.” Buffy snorted


“That was before you mess with my family.” Angel snarled


“Alright.” Buffy said then appeared in the room.


They jumped at each other. Buffy kicked Angel in the chest and he fell back then kicked the blondes’ legs from under her. He was then on top of her in a second.


“you aren’t going to kill me lover.” Buffy said


“Watch me.” Angel growled then snapped her neck.


The vampire sat back putting his face in his hands. Willow walked over to him and wrapped her arms around him.


“I’m sorry.” She said tears in her eyes.


“It was Buffy who did it.” Angel stated


“Amy!” Willow called


Amy appeared in front of the redhead.


“I want you to leave. If I ever see you or hear you have come near anyone I care about I will killed you.” Willow threatened


Amy nodded and disappeared.


“Come on guys lets get Giles and go home.” Cordy said


A few minutes later the remaining of the Scooby’s walked out of the house grieving over the girl they all once cared for.


                                               THE END

Revenge Chapter 1&2

Title: Revenge

Author: weirdo1984

Pairing: A/W and C/X

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: I own none, all belong to Joss Whedon
Comments: Always welcomed!

Summary: The gang is trapped in a strange house. Can they get out and who is responsible?

Warnings/Spoilers: Character death.



Chapter 1


It had been over a year since Angel and Cordeila moved to L.A and started working together. The two kept in touch with Willow and Xander. Xander and Cordy started dating again six month ago. Xander went down every chance he had. Willow didn’t make it down as often because of classes and she had to work so she could pay for college. Her parents kicked her out right after graduation, saying she was old enough to take care of herself. She also helped with research and patrolling since Buffy had taken off again after graduation. They hadn’t heard from her since then. They had looked for awhile but realized it was useless. So it was just Giles, Xander and herself. So Willow never had time to see her friends. They’d talk on the phone and email each other. Xander moved in with Willow to help with rent and bills.


Willow was talking on the phone with Angel when Xander walked in.


“Hey Wills talking to Angel and Cordeila?” Xander asked


“Yup.” Willow answered


“Tell them I say hi.” Xander replied


“Angel, Xan says hi to you and Cordy.” Willow said


“Hey back.” Angel said


“So how is everything going?” Willow asked


“Good and there? Are you able to get some rest?” Angel asked. He was worried about the redhead. All she did was work.


“Some not much though. I don’t even think I know what fun is anymore.” Willow replied with a little laugh.


Willow walked into the kitchen where Xander was making something to eat. She grabbed a bottle of water and headed back to the living room suddenly she stopped.


“Xander take the phone.” Willow said shoving it into his hand


“You ok Wills?” Xander questioned


“Yeah I think so I just got really dizzy.” Willow said stepping back to lean on the counter.


“Just take it easy for a second.” Xander said then lifted the phone to his ear, “Hey dead boy how’s it going?”


“Hey Xan I am good. Is Willow ok?” Angel asked concerned


“Yeah she just got dizzy.” Xander replied


He looked over at Willow who had just turned ghostly white.


“Wills?” Xander asked concerned


Willow looked up at him then crumpled to the floor grabbing her stomach and head and screaming in pain. Xander dropped the phone and ran to her side. Tears were streaming down her face. Then everything went black.



Chapter 2


The redhead woke some time later. She looked around and realized that she wasn’t in her apartment anymore. She tried to get up but she wasn’t able to she hurt to much. She heard a noise and looked over seeing Xander sitting up.


“Xander?” Willow’s voice was small.


Xander looked over at her. There was a moan on the other side of the room. The two friends looked over and saw Angel and Cordy sitting up.


“What’s going on?” Cordy asked looking up then spotting Willow and Xander. Willow still lying down. “What are you guys doing in L.A?”


“I don’t think its L.A or Sunny Dale.” Willow replied finally able to sit up. She grabbed her head and stomach. “Does anyone else feel like I do?”


“No.” all her friends answered.


“Guess I am just lucky.” Willow stated. Angel walked over to her helping her to her feet. “Thank you.”


“You’re welcome.” Angel replied


“Ok so how come Willow is the only one in pain? And where the hell are we?” Cordy asked wrapping her arms around Xander


“It looks like a basement.” Angel said


“Well aren’t you smart?” A voice came out of thin air. The four friends looked around to find the person.


“Who are you? What do you want?” Willow asked


“Well I have something that belongs to you.” The voice replied


“And what would that be?” Xander questioned.


They heard a moan.


“Giles!” Willow yelled.


“What do you want? If you hurt him I will kill you!” Angel growled.


“Do you think you could?” the voice asked, “You never were able to before.”


“Who are you?” Cordeila asked


“Someone from the past.” They answered


“What do you want us to do?” Willow asked shakily.


“Right now I want you to shut the hell up you stupid bitch.” The voice demanded.


“Hey don’t talk to her like that!” Angel snarled. He put his arm around the redhead.


“Don’t touch her!”


“Or what?” Angel asked


“Or this.”


Willow dropped to the floor screaming and clutching her head and stomach.


“Alright stop!” Angel yelled.


Willow was gasping for breathe the pain decreased but it was still there.


“What do you want from us?” Xander asked kneeling beside Willow. “Why are you putting Willow though all this pain?”


“It’s what she deserves for stealing everything that’s mine. Now do you want your friend back?”


“Yes.” Willow answered

“You will go around this house, be warned there will be obstacles, and some other interesting things. Now go. I will be watching.” The voice was gone.


“Wills you alright?” Cordy asked


“Yeah I am ok. My guess would be I really pissed however that was at some point, but why bring you guys into this?” Willow asked


“I don’t know but we stick together.” Angel stated


The four friends walked to the door it opened easily. They walked into a large room.


“This room looks normal.” Cordy noticed


“Yeah.” Angel replied.


Xander walked over to a closet and opened the door. A hand come out and grabbed him pulling him in. Xander yelled just before the door slammed shut.


“Xander!” Cordeila yelled.


A trip chapter 3-5

Chapter 3


Willow finished her showered and stepped out when a towel floated towards her. Willow screamed, she then remembered Cordy telling her about Dennis her ghosty roommate. “Sorry Dennis,” Willow apologized while wrapping the towel around her. The door busted open and Angel, Cordelia and Xander came in weapons in hand.


“What happened?” Angel asked looking around for the demon.


“I met Dennis, sorry guys,” Willow said embarrassed by her reaction.


“Oh sorry about that Wills. Dennis I told you not to scare her!” Cordelia scolded the ghost.


“It’s ok I just forgot about him,” Willow explained. She blushed as she remembered that she was standing there in front of all her friends in just a towel. “Um… guys could you possible leave?” She waved her hands at them.


“Sure Wills,” Xander replied pulling Cordy out with him. They both noticed Angel checking Willow out. They all left the room so Willow could get dressed in private. She walked back into the living room.


“Sorry if I scared you guys,” Willow apologized again.


“It’s alright Willow, it happens,” Cordelia reassured her friend.


“So what do we have planned for the evening?” Willow decided to change the subject.


“Well we are going to get really drunk and play games,” Xander told his friend.


“Games? What kind of games?” Angel asked warily.


“Spin the bottle and truth or dare,” Cordelia answered with a smile.


Willow groaned.


Chapter 4


An hour later everyone was done eating they were now sitting in the living room.


“So who wants a drink?” Xander asked


“Me, screw driver please.” Willow replied


“Me too.” Cordeila said


“I’ll have a beer.” Angel said


Xander went and grabbed the drinks.


“Alright let’s play spin the bottle.” Cordy said


“Great.” Willow said sarcastically


She was scare she might have to kiss Angel. She had been in love with him since before he lost his soul.


“Angel you go first.” Cordeila all but ordered


“Ok.” Angel said then spun the bottle and it landed on Cordy. He bent over and gave her a quick kiss.


“Ok Cordy you’re up.” Xander said


Cordy spun and it landed on Xander. She leaned in and kissed him. Xander spun and it landed on Willow. They played for awhile but Willow and Angel never had the chance to kiss.


“Ok I am tired of this game. Let’s play truth or dare.” Xander said


“Great. Willow truth or dare?” Cordy asked


“Um… truth.” Willow said uncertain.


“Ok have you dated anyone this year?” Cordy questioned


“No, haven’t had time to.” Willow answered, “Xander truth or dare?”


“Dare.” Xander decided


Willow gave him an evil smile.


“Wills I don’t like that look remember I am your friend.” Xander reminded


“I dare you to strip down and go out on the balcony and yell I am the king of the world.” Willow laughed


“What? Oh come on Wills.” Xander whined


“You can keep your boxers on.” Willow replied. Cordy and Angel were laughing.


He did his dare glaring at Willow and Cordeila who was whopping and whistling while he stripped.


“Ok Angel truth or dare?” Xander asked as he finished getting dressed


“Truth.” Angel answered


“Are you interested in anyone?”


“Yes.” Angel replied


Cordy and Xander smiled at one another.


“Cordy?” Angel asked


“Dare.” The brunette answered


“I dare you to phone Giles and tell him you saw a couch running down the street, but use a different voice.” Angel decided


“Are you serious? He will freak out.” Cordy smiled. A few minutes later she hung up the phone.


“What did he say?” Willow asked


“He asked me if it had teeth and what color it was.” Cordy laughed


“Are you telling me there are such things as couch monsters?” Xander asked


“I guess. He sounded really worried. If you guys ever tell him it was me I’ll kill you.” She threatened. “Willow truth or dare?”


“Dare I guess.” The redhead replied


“I dare you to kiss Angel tongue and all.” Cordy smiled


Willow turned bright red. She turned to Angel and leaned in pressing her lips to his. Angel put his hand on the back of her head deepening the kiss. They kissed for along time. They only broke apart when they heard Cordy and Xander coughing. Willow blushed and leaned back against the couch. Angel did the same and closing his eyes.


“Angel?” Willow asked


“Hmmm? Oh um… truth.” The vampire answered


“Do you ever wish you stayed in Sunny Dale?” Willow asked. She knew it was a lame question but her head was still reeling from that kiss.


“Yes.” He replied


Chapter 5


They played for another hour.


Willow?” Xander asked


“Truth.” Willow decided


Xander looked at Cordy who nodded.


“Are you in love with Angel?” The boy asked


Angel sat up straighter.


“Yes.” Willow said quietly her eyes on the floor.


“Really?” Angel asked


“Yeah.” Willow confirmed


Angel bent his head down and kissed her again.


“It about time.” Cordy said


“No kidding.” Xander replied


Angel and Willow broke the kiss.


“You guys knew?” Willow asked


“Of course you’d have to be blind not to see it.” Xander confirmed


“Oh.” Angel said then kissed Willow again


                                       THE END

A trip chapter 1&2


Title: A Trip

Author: weirdo1984                

Pairing: A/W

Disclaimer: I own none, all belong to Joss Whedon
Comments: Always welcomed!

Summary: Xander takes Willow to L.A for a weekend away.

Warnings/Spoilers: None



Chapter 1


Willow walked into her apartment. She just finished her last final. She had been very busy the last year, going to college, working and helping with slaying and research. She only had half an hour to get ready for work.


She heard a noise from her bedroom.


“Hello?” Willow called


“Hey Wills it’s just me.” Xander said walking out of the bedroom.


“Xander what are you doing here? And what were you doing in my room?” Willow asked


“I’m packing a bag for you.” Xander replied


“What? And where am I going?” Willow questioned


“We’re going to L.A.” Xander answered


“Xander I can’t I have work.” Willow said


“Nope. I called and told them your sister in L.A was sick and you have to go and take care of her.” Xander said


“Sister? I don’t have a sister.” Willow stated


“Sure you do her name is Cordeila.” Xander smiled


“Xander! If I don’t work I don’t get paid. I need the money for rent, bills and food.” Willow said angrily


“Don’t worry about it. They said since you haven’t missed a day since you start last year that they would pay you as if you worked.” Xander said


“What about slaying? We can’t just leave Buffy and Giles that won’t be fair.” Willow replied   


“They both think you need a weekend off too. If anything big happens that they need us they will phone. Come on Willow you haven’t seen Cordy or Angel since they left. Plus you need to get away.” Xander stated


“Fine let’s go.” Willow said, “But if my boss finds out I lied and I get fired you are paying for everything I need until I find another job.” Willow said


“Deal,” Xander agreed while he grabbed her bags.


Chapter 2


Two and a half hours later they pulled up to Cordy’s apartment. Xander grabbed both their bags and Willow knocked on the door. A second later the door flew open.


Willow! I’m glad you could make it,” Cordelia gave her a big hug.


“It’s good to see you too. I didn’t really have much choice,” Willow replied with a smile.


“Come in, Angel will be here in like an hour. He’s gonna be so surprised to see you!” Cordy explained while showing Willow and Xander in.


“He doesn’t know I’m here?” Willow asked as they all sat down.


“No we didn’t know if you would come or not,” Xander answered. Cordelia and Xander went into the kitchen for some drinks.


“Well so far our plan is working,” Cordelia whispered not wanting Willow to over hear.


“Yeah, it’s about time those two get together. They’ve been in love with each other for over a year. They would have been together awhile ago if Willow wasn’t always working or studying or slaying. It’s really rare her getting out, she needed to get away even if it was for just a weekend.” Xander replied.


“Yeah, she looks really tired. It looks like she hasn’t slept in days,” Cordy sounded worried.


“Honestly? I don’t think she has.” Xander said before they made their way back to the living room.


They sat and talked about old times for a while. Just after sun down there was a knock on the door. Willow couldn’t help the butterflies that entered her stomach. It had been over a year since she had seen Angel. She knew she must have looked awful, since she hadn’t been sleeping much in the last few days. Studying for finals and working were really taking a toll on her. Willow took a deep breath as Xander opened the door.


“Hey deadboy, how’s it going? Xander asked.


“Hey Xander. It’s been going good and you? Angel asked.


“Good. Come on in, someone we want you to see,” Xander said as he lead the way to the living room.


Willow?” Angel asked looking completely shocked to see his old friend.


“Hi, Angel long time no see,” Willow replied and gave him a big hug.


“Yeah, you look good.” Angel said returning the hug.

“Thanks you too,” Willow replied before pulling away.


“I didn’t know you were coming,” Angel said as he took a seat next to her.


“I didn’t either until four hours ago. Xander told me he phoned my boss telling him my sister ‘Cordelia was sick and I needed to come up and take care of her.” Willow said with a laugh.


“I see, I hope you don’t get into any trouble,” Angel said.


“Me too, Xander has agreed that if I lose my job he will be supporting me until I find a new one.” Willow laughed.


“Well why don’t we order some food?” Cordy suggested. “We’re in for a long night of fun.”


“Fun? I’ve heard of that. What is it again?” Willow asked.


“Funny Wills,” Xander replied.


“I know. Cordy is it alright if I use your shower? I didn’t have a chance after finals.” Willow asked.


“Sure it’s down the halls to the right; there are towels in the cupboard.” Cordy instructed.


“Thanks I’ll be back in a few.” Willow said before heading off down the hall. Angel watched her till he couldn’t see her anymore.


something bad can turn into something good chapter 6&7

Chapter 6


Willow was sitting in the dorm room thinking about Angel and how she could never see or talk to him again. How could she just phone him and apologize for something like that?


The knock on the door brought her out of her thoughts. She walked to the door and opened it. her mouth dropped when she saw Angel.


“A…Angel.” Willow stammered


“Hello Willow.” Angel said, “Can I come in?”


“Um...yeah.” Willow said and stepped aside


“I think we should talk.” Angel said


“Angel I was to apologize for what I did to you last night. I shouldn’t have done that.” Willow said


Willow, Buffy came and told me what had happened.” Angel replied


Willow paled, “she did?”


“Yes Willow why didn’t you tell me?” Angel asked


“Angel I raped you.” Willow said and sat on the bed.


“No little one you didn’t.” Angel said


“Yes I did. You tried to stop me, but I used my magic on you. I know that you didn’t want what to happened to happen.” Willow said


Willow I tried to stop you because I didn’t understand what was going on. I had never see you that way before. I was worried about you. I wanted to know that, that was what you really wanted.” Angel said


“Angel, don’t do that.” Willow said


“Do what?” Angel asked confused


“Try and make me feel better. You should hate me.” Willow said


“I could never hate you.” Angel said


“Right Angel I know you don’t want me in anyway like that.” Willow said


“And you know this how?” Angel asked curiously


“Hello still have your soul. Not a true moment of happiness.” Willow said


“yes I do and I went and saw the ‘Powers that Be’ about that. They said that the only time I will lose my soul is if I am with a slayer. I may be good but I am still a vampire and she is a slayer. We were never supposed to be together, and they knew that was the only way to prove it to us. There is no clause. So you see kitten you couldn’t possible know if I wasn’t you like that or not.” Angel explained


“Oh.” Willow said looking at the floor. “Well it still shouldn’t have happened.”


Chapter 7


Angel knelt in front of her, “Willow it was not your fault. You had no choice you would have died.”


“I know that, but I should have stopped it. I shouldn’t have done that to you.” Willow said


“Do you regret it?” Angel asked


“Of course I do. How could I not? Angel you’re my friend I never want to hurt you.” Willow stated.


“No I mean do you regret being with me?” Angel asked


Willow put her head down she didn’t want to answer.


“Because I am not sorry that wasn’t the way I thought it would happen but I don’t regret it.” Angel said


“What?” Willow asked confused.


“Kitten I have been in love with you for a long time and last night when you came to me and told me you had always wanted me, made me happier then I have ever been. Then this morning I woke and found you had left as fast as you could and I thought that you realized it was a mistake that you didn’t really want to be with me.” Angel explained.


“That’s not why I left. I didn’t think you would want to see me again after last night. I thought it would be best if I was gone before you woke.” Willow said



“You should have stayed and talked to me.” Angel said caressing her cheek.


“I was afraid.” Willow said


“Of what?” Angel asked


“that you would hate me, that you wouldn’t understand.” Willow replied


“I could never hate you I love you.” Angel kissed her


Willow pulled back, “I love you too Angel.”


“From now on just tell me what is going on ok? I want to know.” Angel said


“I will promise.” Willow said and kissed him again


                               THE END

something bad can turn into something good chapter 4&5

Chapter 4


“What did you say to him this morning?” Willow what about his soul?” Buffy asked


“I left before he woke up. He’ll still have his soul. It wasn’t a perfect moment of happiness.” Willow said


“You left?” Buffy asked


“I had too. I couldn’t stay there. God Buffy, look at what I did to him.” Willow said


Willow you have to talk to Angel and tell him what happened.” Buffy stated


“I can’t then he’ll know that I have been in love with him for the past 5 years. Buffy you don’t understand I never felt this way about anyone not even Oz, and look what I did to Angel. How could he possibly look at me after what I did to him? He must hate me.” Willow said


“No one could ever hate you Willow. Angel will understand.” Buffy reassured


“No I can’t.” Willow said



Chapter 5


Buffy stood outside Angel Investigations. She tried for a couple hours to convince Willow to talk to Angel, but Willow refused. So here Buffy stood about to tell her ex what had happened. She took a deep breath and walked in.


“Hello?” Buffy called


“Buffy?” Angel asked coming out of the office.


“Angel.” Buffy said


“What are you doing here?” Angel asked confused


“We need to talk.” Buffy said


“Ok come into my office.” Angel said showing her to his office.


Once they were both seated Buffy started.


“I talked to Willow this morning.” Buffy said


“Oh?” Angel asked


“She told me what happened.”


“She did?” Angel asked *I thought she regretted it, that she wanted to forget about it.*


“Angel you can’t blame Willow about what happened. Something happened in Sunny Dale last night.” Buffy continued


“What happened?” Angel asked confused about why he would blame anything on the redhead.


“There was a demon we had to fight. Giles told us if it touches someone they would have the desire to take what they want. That they would fight until they did and if they didn’t get it that person would die. Willow was touched by it. We didn’t know until today. She is sorry for what had happened. Angel you have to believe me she would not have done that if it wasn’t for that. She cares about you a lot.” Buffy explained, “I tried convincing her to come and talk to you. To tell you what happened, but she said she couldn’t face you… after what she had done. She says you must hate her, but I needed you to know that Willow couldn’t stop herself.


Angel sat there is silence. Willow came to him because a demon touched her causing her to go after what she wanted and it was him that she wanted. He couldn’t believe it.


“Will you go to her?” Buffy asked


“Yes.” Angel said and stood.

Something bad can turn into something good chapter 2&3

Chapter 2


Willow woke up and looked around the room, she then saw Angel asleep next to her. The following night coming back to her, them fighting a demon and Willow being infected with something that would make her do anything to get what she has always wanted. She then remembered walking to L.A to find Angel, going to the hotel and dragging him upstairs and screwing him all night and into the early morning.


*Oh God. I basically raped Angel. He tried pushing me off of him but I wouldn’t let him. I used my magic on him. He never said anything but he was probably too much in shock. I need to get out of here.*


Willow quietly got out of bed and gathered her clothes. As soon as she was out of the bedroom she ran down the stairs and right into Spike.


“Well, well if it isn’t Red.” Spike smirked


“Spike.” Willow said, “I have to go.”


She tried moving past him.


“Now Red you are going to come in here and drag Angel upstairs and have your wicked way with him and then just run?” Spike asked


“Spike I need to leave now. Please.” Willow begged.


She needed to get away before Angel woke. She couldn’t face him after what she had done.


“Alright, but if Angel comes back and kicks my arse I wont be happy.” Spike said


“Good bye Spike.” Willow said and ran out of the hotel and down the street to the bus station.


Angel walked down an hour later.


Cordy put a cross in front of his face.


“Ow Cordiela!” Angel said backing up.


“Are you Angel or Angelus?” Cordy asked still holding up the cross.


“That’s Angel luv. You can put the cross down.” Spike said


“How do you know?” Cordy asked


“Angel and Angelus have two different scents.” Spike explained


“Eww.” Cordy said and lowered the cross, “Alright.”


“So daddy do I have a new mum?” Spike teased


“Spike.” Angel said rolling his eyes, “Where is Willow?”


“She left an hour ago or so.” Cordy answered


“What?” Angel asked


“Yup she was running like she was on fire.” Spike said


“Oh.” Angel said and turned and walked away.


Chapter 3


Willow walked into her and Buffy’s dorm room, and sat on the bed.


Willow where have you been? One second you were helping kick demon butt then the next you wee gone.” Buffy said


“Oh Buffy I did something really bad.” Willow cried


“Shh, shh, hey it’s ok. Willow you could never do anything bad.” Buffy replied


“Yes I can and I did. Buffy how could I do that?” Willow said


Willow tell me what happened?” Buffy asked rubbing her back


“Last night when we were fighting that demon, it… it touched me. Giles told us what would happen.” Willow said


“Oh God Willow why did you tell us?” Buffy asked


“It happened so fast. It took effect immediately. I didn’t have a chance.” Willow explained looking down


“You went to L.A didn’t you?” Buffy asked


Willow told her that she had always been in love with Angel. It didn’t bother her though; she no longer had feelings for the dark haired vampire. She is happily dating Xander.


“Yes.” The redhead whispered


“What happened?” Buffy asked


Willow went on to tell her friend everything that had happened.


Something bad can turn into something good

Title: Something bad can turn into something good

Author: weirdo1984                

Pairing: A/W

Disclaimer: I own none, all belong to Joss Whedon
Comments: Always welcomed!

Summary: Willow is touched by a demon and now looking for what she has always wanted.

Warnings/Spoilers: None



Chapter 1


Willow walked down the streets on L.A. She looked around trying to figure out if she was on the right block.  Then up ahead she saw it, the Hyerpron Hotel. Sweat ran down her face as she ran towards the hotel. She ran up the steps and opened the door.


“Cordy did you fax those invoices yet?” Angel asked


“Yes Angel. I sent then an hour ago.” Cordy said rolling her eyes.




Angel, Cordy and Spike looked over when they heard the door open.


“Red?” Spike asked


Willow looked around the room until her eyes landed on what she had come for. She walked over to Angel and grabbed his hand.


Willow are you alright?” Angel asked


She didn’t answer. She pulled him up the stairs until they reached a bedroom. The redhead pushed him in and closes the door.


“Willow what is going on? Are you sick? You don’t look very well.” Angel asked concerned


Willow ran her eyes up and down his body. This is what she needed she slowly stalked towards him, and then pushed him onto the bed. Willow climbed up his body and straddle him.


“Willow what are you doing?” Angel asked shocked


“Taking what I want.” She replied and kissed him.


Angel tried to push her off but Willow was able to overpower him. Willow said a couple of words. Angel then realized he was naked.


Willow!” Angel exclaimed


“Hmm… do you know how gorgeous you are Angel? I noticed the first time I saw you, but you never saw me did you? No it was always Buffy you saw. Well now I get what I have been wanting all these years.” Willow said and started to kiss and lick his neck.


Angel closed his eyes. *This is not Willow. She would never do this. She is shy and sweet, she could never want me this way. Oh god she just bit my neck.*

Willow had rode Angel that entire night, never giving him a break. Angel was surprised that she was able to last so long. She had worn him out and she just kept going. He couldn’t have stopped her even if he wanted to, which he didn’t. He found Willow to be the most passionate woman he has ever been with. She took care of all his needs and wants without him having to say a word. She only stropped after the sun came up and Angel fell asleep with her in his arms.

two souls in one chapter 17

Chapter 17


It had taken Angel awhile to fall asleep he held Willow’s pillow against his chest. He had a smile on his face as he dreamt about her.


Buffy waited long enough to make sure Angel was sleeping; she quietly walked out of her room and made her way to his. She carefully crawled into bed and moved the pillow from his arms. Angel growled. Buffy laid beside him and snuggled against him. Angel wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her closer and started to nuzzle her neck.


Willow was still awake she couldn’t sleep without Angel. She decided she would go and lay with him for a bit. She wanted to feel his arms around her. She walked into his room and was surprised to see Buffy in the bed with a sleeping Angel who was nuzzling her neck.


“What the hell is going on?!” Willow yelled


Angel jumped falling off the bed. He shook his head and looked up and saw Buffy sitting there.


“Buffy what the hell are you doing in my bed?” Angel demanded


“Hey what is with all the yelling?” Xander asked crankily walking into the room with Spike, Cordy and Doyle.


“I heard something and came to check it out. I thought Angel might be having a nightmare or something, and I found Buffy in his bed.” Willow said glaring at the blonde.


“Oh Rose will not like this.” Spike smirked


Angel growled, “Buffy what are you doing in here?”


“Well I got lonely, and I figured since your girlfriend was away you might want some company.” Buffy said batting her eyelashes


“Well I don’t. Rose is the only one allowed in my bed.” Angel stated


“Well you didn’t seem to mind that I was in your bed when you were nuzzling and licking my neck.” Buffy replied smiling


“That’s because I thought you were her. I do dream about her.” Angel growled, “Buffy I want you our.”


“Ok, ok geez.” Buffy said climbing out of the bed, “I’ll go back to my room.”


“No I want you out oh my hotel. I told you to respect everyone here and you didn’t. I want you our now.” Angel said


“Come on Angel.” Buffy said


“Out!” Angel snarled


“Fine.” Buffy pouted and walked out of his room and grabbed her bag and left.


Angel walked over to Willow and leaned in for a kiss. Willow put her hand out stopping him.


“What?” Angel asked looking hurt.


“You are not going to kiss me after you licked her neck. Go and brush your teeth then come to my room.” Willow ordered


“Right.” Angel said not thinking about what he did when he was sleeping.


Everyone went to bed and Willow was waiting for Angel to come in.


“Hi.” Angel said walking in.


“Hi.” Willow smiled


Angel walked over to the bed and the redhead grabbed him pulling him onto the mattress kissing him passionately. They only pulled apart when she needed to breathe.


“I’m sorry.” Angel said running his fingers through her hair.


“Angel it wasn’t your fault you were sleeping.” Willow said


“I know but I should have known I wasn’t alone.” Angel said and visibly shuddered at the thought he actually nuzzled and licked Buffy’s neck.


Willow straddled his stomach. “Angel it wasn’t your fault ok? I don’t blame you I blame Buffy.”


“Thank you.” Angel said, “Why were you in my room anyway?”


“I couldn’t sleep without you. I thought I would go and snuggle with you for awhile then come back here.” Willow replied


“Yeah it took me awhile to fall asleep, but I also had a pillow that smelled like you.” Angel smiled


“See I didn’t have that.” Willow said and leaned down and kissed him. She grinded against him. Angel moaned and arched into her. “I hope you’re not tired because it is going to be a long night.” She whispered in his ear then started to nibble on his earlobe. Angel growled and flipped them over and kissed her passionately.


Neither Willow nor Angel got any sleep that night, and they didn’t go downstairs until after three. Both had smiles on their faces.


“Well look who finally decided to get out of bed.” Cordy teased


“Any clients?” Willow blushed


“Nope.” Xander answered


“So what are we doing today?” Willow asked sitting on Angel’s lap.


“You could tell me what you are doing on Angel’s lap.” An angry voice said behind them.


Everyone turned around and saw Buffy standing there.


“Buffy what are you doing here? I told you to get out.” Angel said impatiently


“I thought we should talk; now tell me why Willow is sitting on your lap.” Buffy demanded.


Willow stood and faced the slayer.


“Because we are dating.” The redhead said


“You’re what?!” Buffy yelled


“We’re together.” Angel said coming up behind Willow and wrapping his arms around her.


“You slut. I knew you always wanted him.” Buffy said


“No Buffy I didn’t. It just happened, but I love him with everything I am, and you can’t keep us apart.” Willow said


“You want to bet?” Buffy replied


“Buffy I don’t love you. I haven’t for a long time. I don’t know who you are anymore. You had beat up Willow because of the ‘PTB’ connected us. It wasn’t her doing. It was fate. We are meant to be together. I love her.” Angel said


“No! You love me. You have always and will always love me. She can’t make you happy the way I did. You know that.” Buffy stated


“You’re right she can’t.” Angel said and Buffy smiled. “She makes me happier then you ever made me. Happier then I have been human or vampire. My demon and I accept her as our mate. She has the mark to prove it.” Angel brushed Willow’s hair back to show the mark.


“I have that mark.” Buffy said pulling her hair back. “You gave it to me, which means I am your mate.”


“No Slutty. Angel did that you live, because you forced him to. With Willow both he and the demon wanted it. The only way to mark someone as a mate is while you’re shagging, and I know Angel never bit you when you two were together.” Spike smirked


“It doesn’t matter he marked me.” Buffy was persistent.


“No Buffy it does matter you know it does. If it didn’t then you would be mated with the Master and I would be mated with… Harmony.” Willow shuddered at that thought


“Eww that’s gross she isn’t is she?” Cordy asked


“No the only time you can have a vamp bite you and it is a mark of matement is when the two are together.” Angel answered 


“Buffy you know it’s true just as I do.” Xander said pulling down the collar of his t-shirt to show his mark.


“You let him feed off of you?” Buffy shouted


“Buffy!” Willow said annoyed. She just wanted the blonde to go away. She knew all of this.


“What?” Buffy glared at the redhead.


“Angel and I are together. You and no one else will separate us, and I swear if you try you will wish you had never met me.” Willow threatened she was toe to toe with the slayer now. No one had ever heard Willow talk like that before. “Angel is mine, and I am his and you don’t want to try and take what is mine because you will regret it. You may be the slayer but I am a witch and you don’t want to piss me off. Do you understand me?”


Buffy was actually scared she had never seen this side of Willow before.


“Y…yes I un…understand.” The blonde stammered.


“Good. Now get out of our home, and don’t ever come back here or come near any of us again.” Willow said as she backed Buffy out of the hotel. Buffy had fallen up the stairs.


“I won’t. I…I promise.” Buffy said then turned and ran out of the hotel.


Willow turned back to her friends.


“Little one are you alright?” Angel asked walking over to her.


“Yup.” Willow said sweetly.


“Red that was awesome.” Doyle said


“I can’t believe you actually scared her.” Cordy said


“Yeah I mean I didn’t even see her that scared when Angelus was around. No offence Angel.” Xander said


“Yeah well she shouldn’t try and take what’s mine, and Angel is mine and I am his.” Willow said wrapping her arms around him, “Right?”


“Right.” Angel said and leaned down and kissed her.


“So this means that there won’t be anymore slutty around?” Spike asked


“Not if she knows what’s good for her she won’t. I wasn’t kidding. If she tries messing with any of us again I will have to go loco on her ass.” Willow said with a firm nod.


“I’m just glad that things will go back to normal.” Cordy said, “Or as normal as they get around here.”


“I second that.” Doyle said


“Yup, but since there isn’t any new cases or anything I think Willow and I are going to go back upstairs.” Angel said as he lifted Willow into his arms and started up the stairs.


“See you two tomorrow.” Xander said


“Try and keep it down will ya. Some of us do try to sleep.” Spike yelled.


                                         The End

two souls in one chapter 16

Chapter 16


Half an hour later both women arrived at the hotel.


“Wow this place is great!” Buffy said in awe.


“Yeah.” Willow said


She walked into the lobby. All her friends were there. She saw Angel walking toward her and moved away. She saw the hurt look on his face. She turned and he followed her gaze and found Buffy standing at the door.


“Buffy what are you doing here?” Angel asked unhappily. Know he knew why Willow had moved and he didn’t like it.


“I came to visit.” Buffy smiled and walked over to him giving him a hug that he did not return.


“Geez slutty I’m sure peaches girl wouldn’t like you throwing yourself at him.” Spike said from his place on the couch. Xander sitting on his lap. He knew Red couldn’t say anything but he was happy to do it for her.


“Spike what are you doing here?” Buffy asked not letting her hold on Angel go.


“I live and work here.” Spike smirked


“Angel why would you let Spike work here. He’s evil.” Buffy stated


“He’s not evil.” Xander said angrily. “He is no more evil then Angel”


“Angel has a soul. Spike doesn’t, and why the hell are you sitting on his lap?” Buffy asked


Angel was finally able to get out of her grip. He went and walked to the other side of the room. He looked over at Willow and gave her a quick smile only she saw.


“This is where I usually sit. Spike is the best chair in the place and he isn’t that bad not lay on either.” Xander smiled and Spike chuckled.


“What?” Buffy asked confused


“They are together Buffy as in a couple. The have been since before they moved here.” Cordy said impatiently.


“What?” Buffy said look at the couple. ”How can you let Xander date him?” Spike will hurt him.”


“Spike would never hurt Xan.” Doyle informed


“How the hell do you know?” Buffy demanded


“Because it is true.” Willow said going and sitting beside Spike and Xander. “Spike loves Xander and would never hurt him.”


“Thank Red.” Spike said and gave her a kiss on the cheek.


Willow you let him kiss you?” Buffy asked disgusted


“Of course.” Willow answered, “As long as we don’t get to friendly Xander doesn’t have a problem.”


Everyone laughed except Buffy.


“So Buffy how long you here for?” Cordy asked coldly

“I don’t know a few days, maybe more.” Buffy answered looking at Angel who was trying to ignore her.


“Where are you going to be staying?” Xander questioned


“Well I thought I’d stay here. You know it would be easier to catch up and everything.” Buffy said


Willow wasn’t happy at all. First of all Buffy shows up and thinks everything is forgiven, then wants help to get Angel back and now she wants to stay there. Which meant her and Angel could be a couple.


“I don’t want slutty the slayer here.” Spike piped up.


<Thank you Spike.>


“Shut up Spike. It isn’t your choice.” Buffy said glaring at him. She then turned to Angel giving him a sweet smile.


Angel stood silent. He didn’t want the blonde in his hotel. He also didn’t want to listen to her whine.


“If you stay you have to behave. You treat everyone with respect.” Angel finally said


“Spike?” She whined


“Spike as well. If you can’ there is the door.” Angel replied


“Fine.” Buffy pouted then smiled, “want to show me to my room?”


“Cordy and Doyle will.” Angel answered.


“Grab your bags Buff.” Cordy said taking Doyle’s hand and heading up the stairs.


As soon as they were out of sight Willow put her head in her hands.


Angel walked over and knelt in front of her. “You alright?”


“I don’t want her here.” Willow said looking up at him


“What happened Wills? Where’d she come from?” Xander asked


“she saw me at the mall. Started talking like nothing had happened. She said she was over it. Asked me to help her get you back. Told her I would that you could date anyone you want. Then she was like show me where Angel lives. I didn’t know what to do. I forgot my cell here so I couldn’t call.” Willow said. She leaned her head against Angel and he kissed her head.


“It will be ok. She won’t be here long.” Angel said


“I hope so because you and I can’t exactly be a couple while she is. So that means I am back in the room I started with.” Willow pouted


“Great now I will never be able to sleep.” Angel growled. He had gotten use to sharing his bed with the redhead. He leaned down and kissed her. Before anyone could blink he moved like he had been burned and was now standing on the other side of the room. Willow had to blink a couple of times to figure out what happened.


She looked at Angel then saw Cordy, Doyle and Buffy coming down the stairs. With a sigh she leaned back against the couch.


“Willow what’s wrong?”  Buffy asked


“Nothing why?” Willow asked


“You look flushed.” The blonde replied


“Red you getting sick?” Doyle asked sitting down and bring Cordy onto his lap.


“Oh no.” Willow shook her head. “I mean Spike just kissed me.”


She bit her lip as she looked at her friends beside her.


“Yeah I am sitting right here and he just goes and kisses her. Jerk.” Xander said and punched Spike’s arm.


“Sorry luv.” Spike said giving him puppy dog eyes. “Forgive me?”


“I suppose so.” Xander said trying to hide his smile


“Great now that you two have made up can we order food?” Buffy asked giving dirty looks at Spike


“Yeah let’s get Chinese!” Cordy said


“Sounds great.” Doyle said and kissed her cheek


“I was thinking pizza.” Buffy said, “Xan you want pizza don’t you?” she knew Xander could never give up a chance for pizza.


“Actually I am in the mood for some chicken balls and koo loo pork.” Xander replied

“Yeah I could go for Chinese.” Willow said nodding her head. She knew Angel loved ginger beef. And she loved watching him eat, but she also loved watching him talk. She pretty much just loved watching his lips.


“But what about pizza?” Buffy pouted looking at Angel


“Sorry Buff. Chinese trumps pizza.” Cordy smirked


Willow’s cell rang, “Excuse me.” She stood and walked outside.


A couple minutes later the office phone rang.


“Hello Angel Investigations we help the hopeless.” Spike answered


“Hey Spike it’s me. Can you put Angel on?” Willow asked


“Yeah just a minute.” Spike said, “Peaches it’s your girlfriend. She says she wants me more then you.”


“Funny Spike.” Angel mock growled and took the phone, “Hi baby how are you?”


“Hey I am alright you?” Willow asked


“I’d be better if you were here.” Angel said


They continued to talk for a few minutes. Willow hung up and walked back into the hotel. Angel was still talking on the phone.


“Alright baby I’ll see you when you get back. I miss you.” Angel said looking at Willow, “I love you and I will talk to you later. Bye.”


“Wills who was on the phone?” Buffy asked looking at Angel everyone could tell she wasn’t happy he just told another woman he loved her.


“Just a friend I met her on a case.” Willow said, “Angel was that Rose on the phone?”


Angel smiled ‘Rose’, “Yes she will be away for a few more days. She says she misses you all. Even you Spike.”


“Hey know don’t pick on my cause your girl thinks I’m hotter.” Spike smirked


“What she didn’t want to talk to me?” Cordy scoffed, “Geez I get you guys together and she doesn’t even want to talk to me. Rude much?”


“It’s alright you can phone her later and gossip about everything.” Doyle said and hugged her.


“I will.” Cordy beamed


“So she’s your girlfriend.” Buffy asked jealousy in her voice.


“Yes.” Angel smiled thinking about his redhead.


“How long have you been together?” Buffy asked


“Almost two months.” Angel replied


“They make a great couple. Never seen Angel so happy. Or Rose but since I haven’t known her as long as Angel, but still she seem very happy.” Xander babbled


“Rose has told me how happy Angel makes her and how much she loved him.” Willow stated


“Yeah and she has told me how great he is in bed.” Cordy chimed in knowing it would make Buffy uncomfortable.


Willow blushed and Angel cleared his throat.


The food arrived everyone ate and talked they all decided to go to bed early


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